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Hi, I'm Cariño Aline Olga

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Mrs. Cariño was born in Fajardo, Puerto Rico, and moved to Kissimmee, Florida in the year 2000. In her native country, she worked as a state police officer for eight years and obtained her bachelor's degree in Criminal Justice at the Inter-American University Fajardo Campus, graduating with honors Magna Cum-Laude, being one of the highest grades in her class.


After moving to Kissimmee, Florida, Mrs. Cariño worked as a merchant and continued her education, obtaining her first master's degree in psychology and counseling, and her second master's degree in behavior analysis. For the past eight years, she has worked in the field of mental health, providing the city of Kissimmee with a mental health clinic and offering psychological therapy. Currently, Mrs. Cariño is studying for her doctorate in psychology and hopes to finish it someday soon.


In addition to her work in mental health, Mrs. Cariño has been an advocate for women victims of domestic violence and rape. She is also passionate about helping young people and has volunteered as a coach for baseball teams and as a mentor for young people to help them achieve their dreams. Mrs. Cariño is also certified as a life coach and works in the beauty industry to help people work on their self-esteem and overcome different mental and emotional disorders.


Mrs. Cariño's passion for helping and serving others is what motivates her to undertake new challenges and to continue acquiring tools to be more useful to those who need her. In her free time, Mrs. Cariño enjoys spending time with her family and being close to nature and the sea. She is also an animal lover and enjoys gastronomy.


Equality Meets Opportunity

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